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Need equipment set up / Rekordbox config help Please (CDJ-2000NXS2 / DDJ-RR / DJM-750MK2 / DVS)

I'm in the process of getting / setting up some new gear and apparently need help, because I can't get what I envisioned to work. 
The goal: To be able to to run everything into the DJM-750MK2 mixer and control Rekordbox with the turntable, the cdj, and the controller using all 4 channels of the mixer. 
The Ask: How would  you set up this gear and configure settings in Rekordbox to make best use of this??
Equip list: 
  • (1) CDJ-2000NXS2
  • DJM-750MK2
  • DDJ-RR Controller
  • Technics 1200 
  • MacBook Catalina 10.15.3
  • Rekordbox 5.8.4 License that came with my DDJ-RR; Rekordbox DVS License that came with my DJM-750MK2
Current Configuration: 
  • USB out of 750MK2 into USB HUB into laptop
  • USB out of CDJ into same USB HUB into laptop above
  • USB out of DDJ-RR into laptop
  • Turntable RCA into Channel (tried both Line In and Phone In) 
  • Using DDJ-750MK2 Driver
I know it’s kind of a wonky setup attempting to incorporate the controller as a source, but it’s what I have to work with right now until the other CDJ arrives, and seems like it should be able to do what I want. 
I tried all kinds of configurations and it’s just not intuitive to me. Maybe I need different drivers? Maybe I need different settings? 
Main problems: 
  1. I can’t get the DVS to work at all using timecode vinyl.* 
  2. I can’t the get CDJ to operate in Rekordbox mode (not even sure what’s supposed to happen there) 
  3. I can get the CDJ to control Rekordbox deck 3 using Link mode, but can’t get it to output sound to master without switching the DDJ-RR input to Deck 3 (which defeats the purpose) 
The best I can do is get the DDJ-RR to control Rekordbox, feeding into the mixer on two channels, then I can use the cdj (using USBs) as a 3rd deck, but I lose the ability to see parallel waveforms on screen in rekordbox. 
Does it matter which Rekordbox license I’m using (meaning DDJ-RR vs DJM750O)??
*Note: part of this problem could be that I don’t have Rekordbox branded timecode vinyl. I was trying with Traktor MK2 vinyl that I had when I used to use that setup. When I was able to get sound out of it it sounded like it was a 33 playing on 45 (it wasn’t). Nothing I did got it playing at correct speed.   

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