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Rekordbox 6 vs Serato vs Traktor! Disappointed. Sorry guys.

Besides RB, i own full versions of the Serato and Traktor being on Serato since 2005, and on Traktor since 2009. Been on Rb last 5 years or so.

Right now, if you show up in a club and you have pro versions of both Serato and Traktor, you can use many different PIONEER DJM and CDJ (in HID) versions of setups WITHOUT an aditional hardware. Just plug and play.
- $99 Traktor for HID, DVS, and multi midi support. Yes, their library is somewhat inferior compared to rest but you get lot of other stuff for the buck.
- $299 Serato . On the other hand Serato used to have exclusively hardware unlock system, and now you get EVERYTHING for $299. This is expansions, dvs, video .. everything. And yes, you can use Pioneer DJM in dvs and players in HiD and without an aditional hardware. Also Serato gave their users CHOICE when it comes to owning a software or buying it.

Many software companies (Sylenth for example) sell by - rent until you own model. $300 divided on equal 12 monthly fees would mean something for everyone.

In a year or so, you made zero improvements for the video software, you've aded the opacity connection with channel faders, and even that didnt work that well.

You've made a premium midi controller. Well done.
WIth DDJ1000 we had DVS in RB 5.0, we had Video in 5.0. Some of us payed for DVS expansion, and Video expansion separatly even before owning the DDJ-1000 (I own lot of Pioneer hardware), and no it was not cheap, but we belived in you guys. Now you expect us to pay again each and every month, only after paying $1300 for a midi controller that is EXCLUSIVE TO ONE SOFTWARE ONLY? As it is exclusive to one software some may say that is a hardware unlock situation, but now with RB 6.0 you are looking back on DDJ1000 as the software was given for free?  Whatabout DDJ1000SRT users? Do they have to pay for the DVS? 

Slow. Or SlowEr. Even on 15" Macbook Pro i7 2.9 / 16gb ram and 1tb ssd.
Even if converted, library must be re-analized for Keys.
Ableton Link - finally.
That's it. 

You just showed that you don't have loyal customers or just that you don't want them. Also putting the users of the DDJ400 and DDJ1000 in the same basket regarding the DVS, not the price wise but hardware eligibility wise.
I understand that you had to give all options for the DDJ400 and i thing that is the group that makes the most of the income for you and also to put away Traktor being the cheapest of the bunch.

Didn't get too much into that, but i've been using my own system with Google Drive. While organizing everything on iMac, whole library is being shared on the Google Drive Root folder, and one easy automator action to export library without songs. 

What were you thinking?  WIth the new system - not only you will not gain aditional users, you will loose the existing one, or there will be a stagnation. Also you've opened up the door for Serato (I still do not feel Denon is getting close).
I understand, the company is sold and they needed new business plan. But nobody told them it's a bad one. All this fees in time where the normal life continuation and huge gatherings will happen somehere in 2021. 


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Like you said.. I completely aggree...

Even me, with an expensive NXS set, and DJM-900SRT mixer, would need to pay €9,99 each month to use the Preformance/HID mode in RB 6. LoL!!!

And working in the Cloud is the future, but not working in Dropbox only... When you want customers to pay €14,99 each month, to use Cloud storage, at least let them choose what Cloud service they want to use. Or even better, offer free RB Cloud storage within the €14,99 monthly licence fee. That would justify the fee for a part.

I already wrote in another Rb 6 topic, that Pioneer DJ choose for a monthly revenue by RB 6 licences, but I think they've just choosen for a monthly exodus of paid RB users.

What Serato, Traktor, Denon, etc. will do in the future, if they also choose for monthly licence fees, or if they will stick to the one time payment licence, I can't say. But that RB 6 opened a huge gap in the tight DJ marked is for sure, and noticed by the competition.

For the time being I will continue using RB 5, keeping RB 6 in sight. And keeping my Serato DJ Pro licence close at hand. 

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Exactly.  Serato and Traktor had one-time crossgrade options, just to honor existing users. 
Rekordbox 6 by the presented plans looks like version 1.0 of some new softwer. They totally deleted the existing users.
Why bother registering your old $6-$7000 equipment then? Who's keeping a track?
Full time professionals will not go for any of subscriptions as they use usb only. Consumers will be happy with DDJ400 and not move away from there. Enthusiasts and semi pro are the one being hit with subscription models. For more options offered - enthusiasts will go to Traktor for more mapping, and semis to Serato for a steady option.

Cloud - only to keep my library info and no songs at all (which is on average 600-800mb) should not cost than $2.99 - $4.99 per month, considering there is some serious programing involved. And my guess is - everyone would get it, myself included. Like somebody said - we need less users this year!
Google Drive 100gb is some $25 per year.

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