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Rekordbox 6, cloud sync & small suggestion

In my personal opinion this feature is pretty cool for this price, but locking it onto single cloud provider is a bit strange.

Most of us use cloud storage today, why not add support for all the major ones?

OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive?

From technical perspective it should not be that difficult as database is synced separately anyway.

In theory, it should boost  Plan sales as well, as users are not forced to switch their cloud provider to get everything out of it.

And least but not least, lets be honest...DropBox pricing is a bit steep, comparing to others.

All the best and hopefully, Pioneer will at least consider this.

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Absolutely this. I have a Onedrive subscription and do not want to have to pay ANOTHER £8 a month for Dropbox on top of this and the £10 a month Rekordbox subscription.

Are there plans to integrate other cloud storage services, Onedrive specifically?


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