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Rekordbox 6 Cloud Library Sync Bug?

I'm enjoying Rekordbox 6 thus far but have come across a bit of strange behavior with regards to the Cloud  Library Sync (Dropbox). FWIW, this is being operated under OSX.


What I Think Should Happen

After right-clicking on a song (or playlist) and selecting Cloud Library Sync>Upload>Dropbox, I select the option to Copy, not Move. Doing so should copy the selected files to Dropbox. The original, locally stored file, should stay as-is, in its current location. From this point on, any time I adjust this file (ex: hot cues, beat grid, etc.) and sync my library, that updated data gets sent to Dropbox, updating the respective file.


What Actually Happens

Rather than the original, locally stored file staying in its place, it is moved to a completely new directory. Specifically, Documents>Rekordbox>(a bunch of characters)>Artist>etc, etc. The moving of this local file creates problems for other programs the may attempt to access this file, iTunes, for example. The oddity here is that opting to download the same file from the Cloud to Local Storage results in the file being returned to the original, correct location. 🧐

If this is the intended behavior, I'm afraid I don't follow the logic. For those of us not on Catalina who utilize iTunes, this would create missing file errors. Moreso, those of us who use iTunes Cloud/Match for backup redundancy may end up re-downloading those "missing" files, creating duplicates...and then what happens if that same file is re-downloaded via Rekordbox Cloud Sync and tries to return to its original location? This could lead to a hot mess of duplicates and conflicting files.

Am I doing something wrong? 



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I've not yet figured out how (or if) I'll use cloud sync in my workflow. What you've described above doesn't sound right and I agree that it could lead to conflicts etc.

My library is stored on a NAS drive and I contemplated switching the entire collection to cloud storage (I'll be more interested when support for Google Drive, OneDrive etc is availble). My hope was that the collection would be stored off my laptop (similar to how it is now on my NAS).

I had a quick look yesterday and stopped when Rekordbox stated I needed the Dropbox app installed. If I loaded my entire collection to cloud storage, that would result in the entire collection being uploaded to the cloud and then downloaded to the Dropbox folder on the laptop. Reading your comments, there would also be a copy in the Documents > Rekordbox folder.

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I was having the same issue and found my Dropbox - Rekordbox folder was set to online only storage in the smart sync settings (this appears to be the default setting).

To fix this right click on your Dropbox - Rekordbox folder and select the smart sync option and change to Local. This will mean your music files are stored locally on your PC in the Dropbox - Rekordbox - Content folder and also uploaded to the cloud.

Unfortunately if you use Itunes or other apps that need the original source folder this will also need to remain on the PC as well unless you want to make a new library and point it to the Dropbox  - Rekorbox folder.


Hope this helps.

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I'm confused too. I have a desktop PC containing all my music files. I want to use Cloud Library Sync to have: 

A: an online backup of all my music files

B: A merged library so I can make cue points and such on my on stage laptop, ipad and phone that are synced across

C: Choose playlists to be used on my different devices (because Ipad, phone and stage-laptop storage are too small for all my music)


But now all my files from the desktop PC are being uploaded and immediately downloaded to a different folder on the same system being the desktop PC, thus creating a lack of storage on this system too.. 


I tried and haven't got it working yet. A big mess.. Paid 360 euro's for it too.. 

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