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Rekordbox DVS Upgrade

I have the DDj 1000 and I want to fully purchase DVS to run my turntables. Do I really have to buy a subscription? I thought you could outright buy it for $99! Can someone please help me because the website isnt clear at all. If I have to buy a subscription I feel i might have to go back to Serato. $1100 for a controller then have to buy an Upgrade/subscription, vinyl etc is a bit much.But I guss I dont have a choice do I?

Perry Michaels Respondida

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Hey Perry,

The outright purchase for DVS in rekordbox 5 was just that - to unlock the DVS functionality within rekordbox 5, not rekordbox 6. As the DVS functionality is now only available through a subscription, you would need a plan in order to use DVS.

Please note this would be similar with Serato if you had the DDJ-1000SRT; to enable DVS functionality, you would need to make an additional purchase.

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