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Waveform information won't sync rekordbox 6

I just updated to RB 6 and I am attempting to sync my Macbook library to my windows desktop rekordbox. I was able to update and convert my RB 5 to RB 6 without too much trouble with all of my tracks and playlists converted into RB 6 with their waveform data, cues, ect... intact. However, after I switched my waveform color to 3-Band mode and subsequently tried to "add new analysis data" all of the preview waveforms turned blue (they were previously set to RGB) until I loaded a few tracks into the player and they corrected to 3-Band. Only about 1/3 of the tracks would load album artwork in the database and about half of my tracks that were previously "analysis locked" became unlocked. I then closed the software and reopened it to find the album artwork back with the correct 3-Band waveform color for loaded waveforms and the preview waveform. Unfortunately It did not relock the tracks that seem to have been unlocked durring the "add new analysis data". Note it might be a possibility that because my "add new analysis data" was greyed out and unclickable on the first "analysis locked" track i clicked on that I could have mass unlocked many of my tracks without remebering (because I was confused and troubleshooting sort of willy nilly) My laptop library is working as expected besides the many now unlocked tracks that ill have to double check. The problem now is that when I sync my laptop to my desktop I have a similar issue as before on my laptop with preview waveforms and playing waveforms not appearing. All album artwork, tracks, playlist ect are working. The locked vs unlocked tracks match on both devices. I, however cannot use the "add new analysis data" on any of these tracks that are missing waveforms. The only way I can get a desktop track to sync and match my laptop track is to edit the beatgrid information of a track on my laptop one track at a time. Changes to memory cues, hot cues, or analysis lock status do not trigger any sync changes. It appears that library sync got all cue, ect. data correct except the actual waveform information. Sorry for the long read but hopefully this is of interest to someone and I am hoping for a quick easy solution to this if its out there.
Jeffrey Critendon

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@Jeffrey > Yes, you would have needed to unlock the tracks in order to update and add the new data. Please try that - the songs should then sync after the data is updated.

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