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NO MIDI mapping possible with Serato DJ Pro / Soundswitch

When connecting my Pioneer SR, SX, SZ there's no problem in mapping the channel faders in Soundswitch lighting / Serato DJ Pro (using a latest Macbook pro with Catalina 10.15.4) 

There's no MIDI mapping possible with the XJXZ. 

Serato DJ PRO / Soundswitch recognize the XZ, but the channels aren't reacting when trying to MIDIMAP. 

Did all updates (on macbook, software, driver, firmware) checks with Serato ànd Soundswitch.  Unfortunately no reaction from Pioneer DJ. 

Can anyone help me on this? Thank you very much! Much appreciated. 

DJ Nick - How2DJ

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I know that Serato provides MIDI settings when connecting an external device such as a Pioneer DDJ SR, SX, Denon MCX 8000, Roiland DJ505, Numark NVII. 
With all these external controllers I succeed to MAP the channel faders in the software (both Serato DJ pro as you dexcribed as Soundswitch and my lightshow works perfectly on the 2 deck faders). 

The issue I have is with my latest controller the XZ. He recognizes (in Serato AND Sounndswitch the controller). Nothing wrong so far. 
But when I try to MAP those 2 channel faders - there is no mapping possible; he doesn't react when I give the order to do. 

I replaced the USB cables, installed MIDI monitor studio (he finds the XZ), I tried different USB-C ports on the macbook pro, updated everything, checked my MIDI configuration, but no mapping possible (no reaction) 

Kind regards, 

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As the XZ has two different MIDI devices, are you sure you've selected the correct device, and is the mixer in MIDI mode?

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