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ChannelLevel midi ouput

I'm building a midi controller with which I can control a third deck. Everything is working fine. I can use buttons, sliders and knobs, and Rekordbox provides me with information about the status of the buttons so that I can turn LEDs on and off. In the midi file I want to use the command:
"ChannelLevel, ChannelLevel, Indicator ,,,,,, 9011,0,1,2,3, RO; Priority = 100, CH Level Indicator". When I play chanel 1 or 2, I get values between 0 and 127 on the midi chaneln 9011 and 9111. This is exactly how it should be, but if I try the same with Chanel 3 or 4 nothing happens. Nowhere do I have the problem that nothing works with chanel 3 functions, only with the Chanel level. In the beginning it worked time-wise. The signal only worked for 4 seconds and then again for 4 seconds not. Now nothing comes at all. Do I have to change any function in the settings or does someone have an idea how to solve the problem?

Thank´s for the helping,

Tobias Rauscheder

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