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About squid new firmware?

Hi all,

Any news on updates and new requests for Toraiz Squid?

The last update is October 2019,
and there are many requests for improvements and bug fixes,
but no response from Pioneer.
Thank you very much
Roberflash Respondida

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why would you expect a firmware update?

pioneer are well known in the music producing community for not caring about its customers, for delivering incomplete operating systems for machines, and for stringing the customers along saying these products have not been discontinued


so far 4 music production products - ALL with incomplete unfinished operating systems

toraiz sp16

toraiz as1

pioneer djs1000

pioneer squid

you really have no excuse for not knowing about the appauling pioneer product philosophy as the internet and even this forum is full of posts by unhappy and frustrated customers


so they will tell you the squid has not been discontinued, but no fixes will be delivered - they will tell you that development have been informed about bugs - thats as good as it gets






NonExistantProductDevelopmentSupport 1 voto
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They appeared to be working on firmware that would make this thing amazing. Did a survey of squid owners too. It’s so close.

Ryan 0 votos
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Yesss, this would be great to hear about a new update.

Thank you

Roberflash 1 voto
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support wrote me that no update is planned

verstaerker 0 votos
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I'd die for this. It's a good device but it be so close to being the perfect one if only we had...

  • pattern chaining
  • cc/pitch/gate live recording
  • more pattern sets
  • possibilities to use the phrase arrangement section in global ways affecting all running patterns.
  • And some extra small things like changing a pattern set continuing at the same spot in time, not resetting it to the beginning
Morgan Lechner 1 voto
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