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Fat 32 format export


I'm trying to export to FAT32 usb but out of around 3000 tracks, it's only exporting 1400 tracks and then putting a long list of tracks in the documents log with no explanation. there is nothing wrong with the source of the tracks as they play through rekordbox on my mac with no problems, they just won't export.


I am using the latest version of rekordbox and just updated my mac to big sur 11.5.1.

Please could someone help as I have a set on the Thursday and the tracks I need won't go onto my usb.



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I'm having the exact same issue...
I've tried on 3 different USB's 

Scandisk (my main USB which usually works) successfully exported 26/39 tracks
Patriot 10/39 tracks
Verbatim 14/39 tracks

I've had this issue in the past but never usually more than a couple of tracks so I've ignored it until now. Any help most appreciated

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