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Lost playlists in rekordbox 6 despite backup

I backup up my rekordbox 6 collection at the weekend and then I think I've accidently deleted a folder containing playlists in the collection browser. I did a restore but the folder and playlists didn't return. Is there anything I can do??? In the AppData/roaming/pioneer/rekordbox folder there is a master.backup3 from the day of backup. Can I retrieve these lists. They were an awful lot of work. Using Windows 10.
Gareth Hughes

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Solved it by taking a copy of the master.backup and renaming it just master. then when i opened rekordbox the old folders returned only to dispear once again when sync kicked in. So i turned off sync doing the same thing again. They persisted this time. Then I turned sync to cloud back on and chose to merge the collections and voila!

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