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CDJ 3000 / Not Turning on?


Im making this post because i just got my new cdjs yesterday. i unboxed them and played with them for 2-3 hours and powered them off normally with the switch behind.
Today when i turn them on the first cdj boots perfectly but the other one Freezes during the boot i think??? or it wont start properly at all. if you see on the attached photo. All the lights are lit and screen is black. normally you should see the pioneer logo then all the lights should go on standby and the screen should go to source menu. 

nothing is happening here.. stays like this for 30 minutes with no change. i have tried to force update it with firmware and USB but IF i do that. i suddenly see a change... The key sync button is flashing instead of a constant lit stage. and the cdj become unresponsive of the power off button behind the player. i have to unplug the cord to get the player off. what the frick is going on with this player? any suggestions?

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Hey Mathias,

Sorry to see that - if the firmware flash didn't fix it, then return it to your retailer for an exchange. 

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