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Reinstalling driver for XDJ RX2 for High Sierra 10.13.6

I'm having trouble uninstalling my driver when I accidentally hit "OK" when the System Extension Blocked message appeared when installing the first time as outlined in the article here

I followed the steps, but when my computer restarts it is still being shown in the Disabled Software tab within the System Information Utility.

When I open the uninstaller all it does is ask for permission and then says it needs to restart to complete uninstalling, but after the restart nothing has changed. Please help!

Kyle Phyfer Respondida

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Hi Kyle,

The uninstaller doesn't actually remove the driver from the failed extensions, you'll need to follow these steps:


  • Unplug the USB from the RX2.
  • Go to your Applications and open the Utilities folder, launch the Terminal app.
  • Type (or copy/paste) the following command: 
    sudo kextcache --clear-staging
    That's a space after "kextcache" then two hyphens.
  • You will need to enter your Mac user password (or just hit enter if you don't have a password); it will not show any characters onscreen as you type, press return when you are done and the process will run.
  • Download the driver.
  • Open the driver package and run the uninstaller file.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Open the driver package and run the driver installation file.
  • After the installation has completed, give the drivers permission; this may not have appeared previously, but as the kext (driver extension) cache has been cleared, the security prompt should now appear - click the button to allow the drivers through the security.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Reconnect the RX2 and test as normal.


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