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XDJ-RX: Duplicate track other deck


a track is running on deck 1.

I want to duplicate that track at deck 2, so that it is running parallely at the other deck.

I know that there is a hidden function with one of the buttons (Synch? Search?) but i can't find it.

May someone help me?

Kind Regards


Bill Carson Respondida

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Hi Bill,

Unfortunately the XDJ-RX does not feature "instant doubles" so you'll have to simply go back and load the track to the other deck manually.

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I know how to do that Bill

Start your track on deck 1, with deck 2 not playing, press and hold the deck 2 sync button for a few seconds and the track that is playing on deck 1 will load onto deck 2 and will start playing in the same place as deck 1's, the two then play in sync with each other

I don't use this often but you can be quite creative with it and it's also useful sometimes when you're playing out and handing over to another DJ and wished that the deck you were playing your last tune on was the same as the one with your usb in, so the other DJ can pop his/her stick in the deck that is currently stopped and cue up their track

Hope this is useful to you and to anyone else, I can't even remember quite how I discovered this but clearly it's Pioneer's greatest secret :-)

Best wishes

George (UK)

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