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DJM 900 nxs2 audio cutting out and distorting when using color effects

As the title states i'm having an issue where when i use the color effects on channel 3, the audio starts cutting in and out and distorting. It has also done this a couple times when using the primary effects button and knob, but that one is very intermittent for the time being. I'm assuming it's an issue attenuator/pot or possibly the actual board. I wanted to get some feedback on that.

If my conclusions are correct, i'm considering changing the DWX3719 and DWX3720 parts. Am i correct in assuming that replacing those should fix the issue? Thanks

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Hi Jesse,

From your description, it does sound like an issue with the hardware, unfortunately I couldn't tell you if it was the pot or one of the boards, so I'll direct you to please contact a Pioneer DJ authorized service centre in your region to have your mixer inspected and/or repaired.


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