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DJM-S3 won't see turntable in serato

I'm not sure if DVS isn't activated. My turntables are seen by serato. I have received a message (not everytime) "trouble connecting device" when serato loads with just the mixer plugged in. I've updated and reinstalled the driver and firmware twice now. Whenever i set the mixer to line or phono it gives me the "thru" setting on serato. It can play songs on the computer setting, but like i said it does not see my turntables. I'm using reloop RP8000MK2.Is it my turntable? Please help

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Hey Rob,

The mixer should have the channel inputs set to the PC position.

Also check that your DJM-S3 Setting Utility has the audio outputs set to CONTROL TONE (PHONO):

Mine is greyed-out because it's not connected and Serato is not open.

If you're using a Mac, make sure you've allowed the audio input through security by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone (left) > Serato DJ Pro (right) and check the box beside it.


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Hey got it working. Set it to the PC inputs. Thanks!

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