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CDJ 3000 waveform lag when a new track is loaded

I see the following issue every time I load a new track using a CDJ 3000: the waveform lags when a new track is loaded

I upgraded from a "SanDisk Extreme Go 64GB USB 3.1" (roughly 200 MByte/sec) to a "SAMSUNG Portable SSD T7 Touch, 500 GB SSD" (roughly 800 Mbyte/sec) hoping that a faster SSD would resolve it.
The lag is still there. The used USB drive is not the bottleneck here.

All tracks (AIFF 44,1 kHz, 16 bit or MP3 320 kbit) are analyzed via Rekordbox 6.5.1.
The CDJ 3000 Players are connected to a GBit Switch via CAT 6 cables using firmware 1.20.

The waveform lag that is driving me crazy is a CDJ 3000 issue. Engineering at Pioneer DJ support confirmed the issue. They can easily reproduce it, but they won`t fix it until they receive a lot more tickets for this issue.

So if this annoys you please open a ticket here.

Jan E

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