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CDJ3000 firmware 1.21 issues, waveform studders and Pro DJ Link is unreliable

updated my 3000's yesterday, everything seemed ok at first but today there's a significant amount of jitter in the waveforms, also having issues accessing my library via PDL with RB6 in export mode. The time remaining clock also seems to studder with the waveform but there is no noticeable audio artifacts. File type is AIFF on a Sandisk Extreme USB 3.2 256gb stick exported in RB6. This issue wasn't nearly as bad in 1.20... Also haven't been able to find previous versions of the firmware pioneerdj.com . Need a fix for this ASAP Pioneer, need to use these CDJ's next weekend. Have some video of the issue but I dont see a way to upload video.

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Sorry to hear that, please file an inquiry ticket here and our support team will gather some additional information to assist you in resolving this issue. You can upload videos to Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, or YouTube and provide the URL in your ticket.


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