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CDJ 3000 does not show the next coming HotCue on the Waveform, if there is a Memory Point set at the same position.

Hello, i'd like to suggest a feature which is really important to me and might also be great and important for others. I prepare my tracks very well in Rekordbox and use a lot of memory points to highlight e.g. Drops/Breakdowns because of the beat countdown aswell as hot cues so i could instantly jump to them. With my brand new CDJ 3000 however, i discovered that if there is a memory point upcoming on the same spot as a HotCue, the hot cue Letter will not be displayed in the waveform. This is really confusing for me, because yes, i could look okay which off my hot cues is missing visually and where the next memory point is so i know where the hot cue would be. But in a fast paced mix this is extremly dangerous, nerve wrecking and time consuming in my opinion and since we now have these beautiful 9" screens, i would love to simlply see the upcoming Memory Point as well as the Hot Cue on the same position simultaniously. Please consider this, i dont even know if this maybe is a bug, because on 2000NXS & NXS2, its the other way around but since you have the beat countdown it doesnt matter that you see the upcoming Hot Cue there instead of the memory point set at the same position.


Please fix/add this, it should be really easy to show an upcoming memory point and a hotcue on the waveform simultaniously.

I checked preferences in rekordbox and utility, there was no solve to this.

Greetings from Germany, 


Alec Gölkel

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