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Ongoing problems with CDJ 350 and Traktor Pro 3 re: 64bit / 32bit rate


I've checked tens of your blog entries, but I haven't managed to find an answer to this question so I want to address Pioneer directly. 

Is it possible that after more than half a decade there's still no driver and no solution to this ongoing problem for users of your product CDJ 350 via Traktor?

I still can't make Traktor Pro 3 and Pioneer CDJ 350 work properly, meaning the sound isn't coming from both mixer channels and everybody seems to point to the problem of bitrate (64bit is inappropriate for this combination, but the transition to 32bit is currently not possible).

If that is the case, I find it outrageous and utterly disrespectful towards your long-time custumers.

Looking forward to your answer.

Jaša Bužinel

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What OS are you using (version and bit version)?

What mixer are you using, and are you configuring the CDJ-350's as your audio devices for output from Traktor?

Which firmware version is installed on your CDJ?

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