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CDJ3000 Track filter/edit not updating/following master


I have just made purchase of some CDJ3000s - overall quite happy with the upgrade from CDJNXS2 - however I have immediately noticed a change to the functionality of the track filter/edit tool. 

On the CDJ2000 Nexus 2, you could use the filter by "KEY" function and to always follow the master player. This meant that you could fluidly mix through different keys, without needing to return to the track filter/edit menu.

For example, pick a track in E minor on the master deck, by using the filter/edit key on the "slave" deck, which will filter by key, you have choices in the same AND relative keys. If you then choose to mix into relative key, lets say A minor - upon mixing the track in, the slave becomes the "master". You are now mixing in A minor. Then when returning to the original deck, by hitting the filter key, the filter by key should follow the new master key - and only show results for tracks in A minor and RELATIVE to A minor. This worked perfectly on NXS2. 

However, on CDJ3000 - the context only appears to update when you LONG press the filter key. When entering the long press filter/edit menu - the "key" strip - which shows master and relative keys appears to quicky JUMP to update to follow the newly selected key from the master - instead of automatically doing so.

Am I missing a new setting somewhere? Surely automatically updating the key master as you mix and being able to shortcut with one simple press is the most desirable setting. This is pretty game breaking for me!

I do hope this all made sense - I have uploaded a video for your reference:


Please let me know if you require more info on my issue! 

Thanks in advance, 

Michael Ware

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I second this. I already reported this issue via a support ticket some time ago but it remains unfixed and the ticket is closed :(

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