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CDJ/XDJ aggregator MacOS Monterey

Has anyone tried using the CDJ aggregator on Mac Monterey yet? The aggregator works and sees the devices, but when i go into Rekordbox (or traktor) the only sound driver is the default Mac OS sound driver. The CDJ driver does not appear. Does this have anything to do with the security settings like in the previous version of the OS? Has anyone been able to get it working.


The same thing happens when i try to plug in DJM 900 Nexus mixer. It sees the nexus driver (sort of) but it says its offline. Then when i go to click on it, the software just revets back to the default mac software.


Any ideas?

Vinny Troia Respondida

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Unfortunately we do not yet recommend users upgrade to macOS Monterey as we have not yet completed validation of our drivers, software, and hardware with that OS; please see the news article posted to our website. We don't have a timeline but hope to have our drivers and software validated soon.

Thank you for your patience.

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