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DDJ-400 to CDJ-2000 - Transferring Hot Cues

I currently have a DDJ-400, which has 8 hot cues. If I've set all 8 of these hot cues on a particular track using my DDJ-400 and have exported this track to a USB stick, I'm not sure which of the 8 will show up on the CDJ-2000 - is it the first three (A, B and C) or another set of three?

I'm asking as I do not have access to a CDJ-2000 prior to my first performance with it, so am unsure about whether or not my hot cues will transfer over correctly. I want it so that the hot cues for A, B and C are transferred over and are accessible when I plug in my USB into the CDJ-2000.

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All of them are on the track but only A, B, and C are available for access from the CDJ-2000.

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