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Instructions for Decks 3 and 4 with Rekordbox and XDJ-XZ. How to use?

I'm wondering if Pioneer support would be good enough to do a run through on the settings needed to use decks 3 and 4? I have read the other threads, and watched the video here:


My issue is that I don't see "1/3" and "2/4" in the shortcut panel on the XDJ-XZ (It just shows 1 or 2). What am I missing?

There seems to be a lot of confusing threads out there due different firmware versions. A full list of instructions would be great, including Rekordbox settings. Thanks 

EDIT: Im using a lan cable to connect my PC to the xdj. Is that preventing me from using performance mode and thus 3 & 4?

Alan Kelly

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