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XDJ-1000MK2, Touch Display Calibration Does Not Go Away After Resetting.

Hello there, 

I had a problem regarding my XDJ 1000mk2s.

They seem to be stuck on the "touch display calibration" mode. It's basically like a loop. When I turn on the device it asks me to touch the center of the "+" marks or to press the BACK button if I want to cancel the process. When I press the BACK button nothing happens. When I proceed to touch all the "+" marks it takes me to the next page where it asks me to push the Rotary Selector to save the settings or to push the BACK button to cancel the whole thing. When I push the Rotary Selector to save the settings, it tells me to turn the power off/on before using the device again. When I turn the device off and on the same original message shows up on my device. It's almost like a loop. I have no access to any of the other menus or anything else. I did try updating my bios from the 1.42 to 1.44 version of the XDJ 1000MK2s. The bios update worked flawlessly but I still kept getting the same message even after the updating process.

I literally have a show in a couple of days and it would be super nice if I can get these puppies working again. Any help would be extremely appreciated.

Thank you!


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