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RX2 Channel Cue Volume Lower than Master Cue

I have the RX2 and it has been working without issue. I was just on it a few days ago and no problem, but today I noticed that the channel cue volume is lower than the master cue volume, making it impossible to get the levels of 2 songs the same.

I am only using headphones. To test, I loaded a track on deck 1 and put the channel fader to 100% and has the MASTER cue selected for my headphones. Then, I would press both the master and channel cue at the same time to switch from 1 to the other instantly. Every time I can hear the difference. Moving the headphones mixing knob more towards cue does not have any imact.

When I bring in any track on master it sounds perfect volume but I can't beatmatch because the channel cue volume is about 10% lower. Some have suggested to match my levels for trim and master, but I am using headphones and the master level has no impact on either the master or cue channel in my headphones.

UPDATE: I have tested on USB, disconnected from PC/Rekorxbod, and things are working perfectly fine. Is there some setting within RB that would control this somewhere?

Andrew Langsdon

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