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DJS-1000 Question - Samples

Hi Everyone!

I'm looking at purchasing the DJS-1000 for use in a keynote speech I'm going to be giving. 

I want to make sure it's the right product to buy for what I'm trying to do, so I'll explain briefly and would love any feedback:

I'm going to be talking about how music influences our emotions and I want to be able to play short bits of tunes (5-10 seconds maybe?) Would the DJS-1000 be the right thing to use for this and can it operate as a standalone? Meaning, will I be able to simply plug this into a conference room sound system and play directly from it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Rich Bracken Respondida

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Hi Rich,

Yes - the DJS-1000 could certainly handle that! You could load up several banks of 16 samples and have them ready to fire off. The output is line level so as long as their audio system can take a regular line signal (like you would get from a computer's headphone jack, for instance), there's no problem there either.

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