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Loose EQ knobs on brand new XDJ-RX3


I finally received my XDJ-RX3 last week, and out of the box found that 2 of the EQ knobs were slightly off-center (they "lock" slightly off 12 o'clock) and loose to the touch (they have way less resistance than the other 4).

Any suggestions on how to fix? I just received the device so it's still within the return window, but since the seller doesn't know when they'll receive new units I don't want to have to wait many months to get a replacement.


Ezequiel Baril Respondida

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Sorry to hear about that - unfortunately this would be something I'd suggest is better to replace within the return period otherwise it would have to go in as a warranty service item. You may be waiting on a replacement due to limited supply, but talk to the retailer - they may let you keep that one and earmark a future stock item for replacement.

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