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Can't scroll through track with jogwheels on DDJ-1000

I've found this official Pioneer Tutorial regarding scroll/search/skip with the DDJ 1000: https://youtu.be/DKm2Hj6RwKw

The funtion "Press [Search-Forward] plus [moving the Jogwheel]" to scroll through the track doesn't work for me, which is very annoying. :(

Out of ~100 hundred attempts it seemed to work only one single time for a few seconds... which is only more irritating.

The other ~99 attempts the track just moves forward as it also does when I hold only the forward button alone, but the turning of the jogwheel makes no difference and I definitly can't scroll backwards by turning the jogwheel backwards and holding the [Search-Forward] button.

Is this a common bug?

Firmware and drivers are up-to-date.

Aaron Kaufmann

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