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HELP - CDJ 2000 spare parts not available in the offcial pioneer store in Dubai


I have 2 CDJ's2000 and each one of them has a different issue.

Player 1

I have communication error 8709 and I'm aware about the problem that is caused by misscommunication and the panel need to be replaced etc. However, the issue is I cannot find the spare parts in Dubai and I have checked with DJ corner (the official store here in Dubai) and they said the same.

Player 2

Problem 1 Vinyl mode is not working

As per my understanding the the problem is caused by the jog pressure switches. However, the same issue im facing that I cant find this spare part here.

Problem 2 Jog wheel screen is not working

Spare part is also not available. Could it be associated with problem 1??

Request: kindly advise where can I get those spare parts from and if DJ Corner will be able to replace them for me if I buy the spare parts my self? I really need help on this.




Aws Abuhijleh Respondida

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