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export mode/ pro link / xz crashing when searching

hi yall. i have a xz controller, updated to current firmare. rekordbox is fully updated. im using it with export mode, pro link, at home on my network. everything works fine except....

there are times i get a reqeust, so i hit the browse button to go into search. i find the track i want by searching on the controller. i select the track and it goes to load but it never loads, and essenetially locks up my xz. i have to restart the controller and reconnect to rekordbox link.

this only happens on some tracks, and not all of the time. it really seems random. no rhyme, no reason. most tracks will load after search with no issues, others will not. but sometimes they will. when they dont it crashes the controller. no backing out, no selecting anything new, it just locks up the channel im trying to search on. 

any recommendations on a fix for this?

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