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XDJ RX - Windows 11 - Rekordbox glitching and skipping like crazy


I've just done a clean install of Windows 11 and am running the latest version of Rekordbox along with the latest driver for the XDJ RX.

When running Rekordbox with the XDJ-RX, the audio is skipping and glitching like crazy.

I have done a screen recording so you can see for yourself:


This happens even when no other applications are open on the computer. The glitching only happens when I am using Rekord box with the XDJ RX asio. If i use the Rekordbox with XDJ RX unplugged, and use my computers soundcard there is no issue.

I'm using a Lenovo 81LK (gaming laptop), Clean install of Windows 11, 12gb Ram, i5 Processor.

I know the XDJ RX is a few years old now but if this is a driver issue surely Pioneer can't just leave existing users in the lurch?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated




Noff Mars

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Intel Core i5-9300H CPU @ 2.40GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Discrete 4GB

I run Cubase and Ableton Live loaded with plugins with no issues. I doubt its the spec. It also ran fine on Win10.

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