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Need help routing my XDJ-RX2 as an input to my windows computer to use as a soundcard

I just got my RX2, been loving it.

However, I’m struggling to successfully route my XDJ-RX2 as an input to my windows computer to use as a soundcard. (I downloaded the RX2 audio driver from the pioneer website and see the RX2 as a line + have updated the firmware)

I am able to successfully do this with my DDJ-SX3. How I do it is by connecting my windows computer to the SX3 through USB connection. Then I connect my studio monitors to my SX3 through XLR connection. As a result, sound from my windows computer comes through my studio monitors - I am trying to replicate this with my XDJ RX2.

Any help would be appreciated!

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That would be an "output" - you need to connect it to your computer, make sure the mixer mode in the RX2 utility menu is set to XDJ-RX2, then press MIDI and press the DECK 1 button. You'll now get output from the RX2 if it's selected as the sound output device for Windows.

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