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Fixture Request

I have a LIXADA Moving LED Spot.  It was purchased from Amazon about three years ago.  I have been using the "60 W Mini Moving Head GOBO Light (11 Channel)".  My problem is the colors do not match.

Recordbox               LED Spot

RED                         Magenta
Green                       Light Blue
Blue                         Orange
Magenta                   Red
Yellow                       Green
Cyan                         Yellow
White                         White
#1  PAN   #2 X-PAN  #3 Tilt  #4 Y-TILT   #5  Color    #6 GOBO   #7  Dimming    #8  LINGING  #9  Pan/Tilt Speed  #10 

My Cell Phone is 205-913-1846  (Company Phone, Executive Shuttle)

William Gawenus Respondida

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The fixture you have selected has these colors based on user feedback and documentation and probably is not the one you have in reality. Please send us proper documentation (full manual or a product link) so that we can add your fixture in the library.

Please have a look at this post. We need a product link or a manual in order to complete your fixture request.

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

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