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Cdj 2000 with djm 2000

Hi im new here on this forum. My name is Ash and my question is about what i should buy. I have 2 options and first option is 2nd handed cdj 2000s with a djm 2000 mixer for €2000,- My second option is a brand new xdj xz for €2390,- I will not make a lot use of hotkeys but maybe i will miss the wavelines in the displays of the cdj 2000s. So does anyone has a opinion on this? Thanks a lot!
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Hey Ash, welcome!

Personally, I would save up the extra € to get the XDJ-XZ, and here's why... the CDJ-2000's, while great, are 13 years old. I'll let that sink in just a second. ;)

The XDJ-XZ will give you much more flexibility in its stand-alone playback as well as software control for rekordbox and Serato, where the CDJs / DJM would only give you optional access to rekordbox with a paid subscription. A couple of years of that would end up at the same price as the XDJ anyhow.

Save up the extra money, get the XZ, enjoy its multitude of features!

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