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Can't connect to cloud direct play

Every time I plugin a usb drive to my CDJ-3000 after hitting the login button, it says unable to connect to cloud direct play both cdj-3000 are connected  to the internet via land Ethernet. I even have a land connection to my djm-900nxs2 mixer

Here's what I did so far

1. Turn off firewall in windows

2.clicked all the boxes for rekordbox & cloud

3.log out of dropbox and back in again

4.I'm using widows 11 pro if that matters



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The firewall in your computer has no bearing on the CDJ's connection to the cloud, it only requires that your CDJ is connected to the internet.

Check the UTILITY setting on the CDJ and verify that your router has assigned the CDJ an IP address for your LAN (typically 192.168.x.x or 10.0.x.x). It could well be that your router has some traffic shaping or device management which is blocking the CDJ network traffic, because it adds a TON of extra data to the network and may be considered garbage data, thus having it blocked.

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