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XDJ XZ on Windows 11 running bad.

Hi, My problem appeared since I've upgraded to W11. Everything is up to date - Driver, Frimware, Rekordbox.

When Rekordbox ist maximized its running ok playing just one Deck, when i load the second is starting to lagging.

When I minimise Rekordbox and open anything else, music from Rekordbox is starting to freeze and lagging badly.

My laptop is not struggling at all, The other apps are running fine, CPU usage ist staying under 40% all the time. When I disconnect the XDJ XZ everything is fine....so I think it is a driver problem.

My laptop - Asus ROG G731GW

CPU - Intel Core i9-9880H @ 2.30 GHz

GPU RTX 2070 @ 8GB

Memory - 32 Gb Disk - SSD 500 GB, HDD 1 TB

Windows 11. Please help! Thank you!

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The option with WIFI and Bluetooth Off i've  already tried.
The same with Performance mode on laptop

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