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What is the hollow hot cue symbol on CDJ-3000?

My normal hot cues are completely filled in. I was playing a saved hot cue loop, and I used the "In/cue" button to start shortening the loop. When I did that, the original hot cue loop position turned hollow (color not filled in but same letter) and an additional hot cue moved with the needle as I adjusted the loop. The hot cue that moved looked normal/filled in.

When I exited the loop, I then had 2 hot cues of the same letter: one filled in and one hollow. Whenever I would hit that hot cue again it would play from the adjusted hot cue with the normal symbol.

So obviously the original hot cue is being updated, but I guess my questions are: 1) what can I do with the hollowed hot cue (doesn't seem like I can select it or anything so I'm not sure what its purpose is) and 2) is there a way to delete the adjusted hot cue and save the original?

With this track, I use a hot cue to play a loop at a pre-planned part of teh track. The I adjust the loop to create a build before the drop, and then exit the loop. But every time I do that, it re-saves the adjusted hot cue so I need to go back in rekordbox every time and reset the loop point.

Sorry, that might be super confusing to read but I don't know how to explain it any other way without a picture!


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the hollowed hot cue = HOT CUE stored in the device is displayed.(HOT CUE before change) 

So I think that if you CALL the HOT CUE again with HOT CUE CALL MODE or load the same song with HOT CUE AUTO LOAD ON, the HOT CUE before modification(original) will be reloaded.

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