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XDJ-XZ with CDJ2000NXS2 and Toraiz SP-16

I have a XDJ-XZ and two CDJ2000NXS2.
My question is if I can use link connectivity to output bpm and phase to a Toraiz sp-16 running the XZ in standalone mode ?
Or does link connect rely on the process of having rekord box running ?


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The XZ only has 2 device connections, so you couldn't run the SP16 as a linked device for sync with the two CDJs as well.

If you're using stand-alone, no problem. If you're using rekrodbox, you'd need to use the workaround of using the Ableton Link and connecting an iOS device running the Link to MIDI app with the device connected to the SP16 via USB to act as the USB MIDI clock source.

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