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"Date added" dont show up as a category

Hello together,

unfortunately I have a similar problem to this post


and I can't get it solved.

I can't get the "Date Added" function into my "Categories". I have "Date Added" selected as both "Category" and "Sort". Under "Sort" I can now find "Date Added" on the XDJ-RX2. Under Category this entry is unfortunately missing. For example, if I select and deselect BPM, I can see how the entry appears or disappears under "Category". So with the category BPM it works. With "Date Added" unfortunately not...

I have checked the settings in Rekordbox as well as on the USB drive itself (see screenshot)

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot

Best regards


Maximilian Bruckert

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Currently, the only products that support the Date Added category are the XDJ-RX3 and CDJ-3000.

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I haven't tried that one myself, but it could simply be that the Date Added item is not recognized as a category on the RX2, but does work on other devices.

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