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XDJ-XZ - add support for Rekordbox Internal mixer mode

The title says it all. I have learned that the XDJ-XZ does not support internal mixer mode when using it with a computer running Rekordbox in Performance mode. I am asking that this be enabled.

The cheaper XDJ-RX line supports this feature. I'm not sure what technical reason there is that the XZ doesn't.

I assume it was simply left out with some assumption that people buying the XZ wouldn't want this feature. Would be nice if this $2300 thing could support a simple feature that cheaper XDJ all-in-one's do. Thanks.

Tony R Respondida

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Sorry, the reason for it is the design of the hardware. The reason the cheaper models don't have this is they're not actually mixing the audio in the hardware, they mix it in software. Unfortunately there are no plans to change the audio configuration for internal mixer mode on the XZ.

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