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CDJ-3000 Beat SYNC bar (between 2xCDJ-3000s) missing when using Rekordbox


I've noticed that when I use my rekordbox connected to the DJM900NXS2 and playing music from the Rekordbox collection the song beat sync-bar (between the 2 CDJ-3000 units) is missing

However if I play the music directly through the CDJ3000s (using a USB stick) the song beat-sync bar appears.

Here is my setup:

CDJ3000-DJM900NSX2-CDJ3000 (all connected to a switch)
DMX1 - PC(Rekordbox) -> DJM900NSX2 USB-A port

PS.  the only reason I want to use rekordbox is because I want the lighting scenes to be automatic. In order for that to happen, the music must be originated on the Rekordbox PC

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The phrase meter or stacked waveform is not available when linking to rekordbox, sorry.

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