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RB6 Touch support just needs 1 small fix!

After using touch for DJing couple of years already, it seems to me that in order to make RB touch "ready", only one thing is needed, and I don't think it's a big fix.

Text input (the search box & value input fields) needs to give a "signal" to the OS that a text input field has been clicked. The OS then decides based on whether a hardware keyboard is present to show the onscreen keyboard or not.

Right now, I have to activate the keyboard separately from the taskbar, which is only a small step, but it does make things like using RB6 full screen more problematic.

Also, after activating the keyboard from taskbar, the keyboard keeps being activated when any track is selected. (in other words, RB6 already gives Windows "text input selected" signals, just not at the right moment)

To me this seemingly small fix would make RB6 touch ready.

Scrolling in the browser would perfect touch support, but this seems like a bigger fix, and even when using touch, navigating tracks still seems easier using the knob on the controller/CDJ.


Jakko Ter Borg

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