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issue with pioneer s9 with serato on mac catalina - randomly stops processing audio

hey all,

wondering if anyone has come across this issue.

1st off 

using a pioneer s9 

2012 macbook pro - catalina 10.15.7

also use mixemergency for video mixing.

All firmware and versions of software are the latest.

firmware on pioneer s9 the latest as well.

Issue is - 

seemingly randomly, the s9 mixer will stop processing sound . Serato is still running and indicates that a song should be still playing.

However, the Vu meters on the mixer itself go dead. The mixer itself still seems to be on, but no sound comes thru, until i disconnect the usb cable and reconnect. I have tried this with multiple usb cables , and this error is still occurring.

The only time i can "recreate" this error, is if i open or close safari. This action 95% of the time causes this error to occur in the mixer.

However, at other times it will happen and it seems to be entirely random.

Please help! hoping someone has come across this as well.

Note: before the last firmware update.... this never happened to me.



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Hi, I have the same issue since this weekend.

I'm running on macbook pro 2015 with catalina 10.15.7, 

DJM firmware is 1.09

I was playing at a Party but in a B2B mix with my mixer as master so my friend was able to continu to play by my AUX line, but no sound for me, serato seems to play, cue point was Ok but no sound, so I close serato deco nect de usb and the sound get back. And today it's happen again, whatever usb enter I chose A or B sometime the sound cut off and I have to deconnect the usb cable to bring it back. Does anyone no how to fix this ?

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Thanks a lot Neil, 

I didn't expect such a quick answer 🙏🙏🙏

I'll try this tonight.

Best regards

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