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Pre-fader Send Effects DJM V10

Hi, I am using a DJM V10 LF with CDJs and some external effects.

Loving the V10, apart from the fact that the sends are post-fader and there's no option to switch, as can be done on the Xone 96 and Model 1.

I'm guessing this was a very deliberate design choice, but with it being a digital mixer, can't think of a reason that there couldn't be the option added to change mode in the settings.

Would it be possible to include this in a firmware update?

Thanks - Mike

Michael Moruzzi

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I would like to echo this request...or is there a workaround?

Patrick Spiers 0 votos
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Yes this needs to be added so we can hear what we are mixing into the master.

Blk VVolf 0 votos
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