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XDJ-XZ Power issue

Support team

I have spoken with Pioneer on this issue in a previous ticket. 

When trying to power up the XDJ-XZ unit, only the buttons around the screen light up. The screen and remainder of the buttons do not follow the normal power-up sequence nor show any signs of functionality. 

I was told by support to update the firmware. Unfortunately, I am unable to do the same. When I power the unit while pressing the reloop/exit ands USB1 buttons, the screen does not prompt me for the firmware update as stated in the manual. Frankly, nothing happens at all. 

I've tried troubleshooting several different ways (using a different power cord, outlet, etc.). 

The unit is less than a year old from when I purchased it, and it appears to already be in need of service. Please have support reach out to me in regard to my previous or this new ticket.

Anything we can do to expedite a solution would be more than helpful. I plan to use the unit within the next few weeks to start my wedding season. 

Please feel free to call me if you'd like to discuss further details, 508-542-6773.

Thank you,


Sean Carney

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Good afternoon Support Team, 

I'm following back up on this issue. If possible, I would like someone from Pioneer Support to reach out to me today. Again, we had opened a ticket for this back in December where it was suggested that I need to update the firmware. However, I am unable to do so due to the current lack of functionality of the unit. 

I am set to perform during the first week of April and am looking for a solution as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your attention here, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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