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Distortion while connected via usb


Hope you guys are keeping well!
Ill explain my setup and problem:

  • 2 x CDJ3000
  • 1 x DJM V10 mixer.
  • Both decks are networked to the V10.
  • I connect 1 USB from my laptop to USB A
  • Channels 1+2 are set to USB A
  • I open the software. In this case its VirtualDJ


  • When I play decks 1 and 2, the audio is registering on each channel correctly. When I push fader 1 up to hear it on the master there is no sound or LED registering audio on the master at all. 

  • When I push fader 2 up to hear it on the master there is an instant digital signal distortion that will not stop until I disconnect the USB, or turn off mixer or laptop.

All drivers and firmware and DJ software are up to date.

To note:
if I connect via a USB hub and 1 USB into each deck and use the mixer as an external device, all works fine. I'd really prefer to use this mixer midi. that's why I bought it :(

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Edward Whitty

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