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My controller stopped powering on. No lights, no blinking, no sounds. I tried different power sources (not the issue). I think something must be broken on the main circuit board.

Tried to find tutorial on how to fix online, but nothing there...HELP?!

Willing to open up and fix myself if easy...looks like there are over 80 screws for this hardware (!!!). Cost of servicing is $900+

*Ticket already submitted with customer service.

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most probably you will not be able to fix anything by yourself. Inside this unit you have so much electronics, it is not something you can just fix with a "soldering iron in 10 minutes". You need proper training / knowledge of electronics, measurement, soldering and optical inspection equipment for at least about 1000 USD to be able to do such kind of repair *properly* (diagnosis, measurement, micro SMD soldering).

Chances are good,  if you are trying anyway without this, that you will even break more things, totaling your unit.

Although it may look easy in many of those "repair videos" - remember those people have the knowlegde and experience, and they are only showing their success stories.

I know what I am talking about as I did already some of those repairs.

I would suggest you send it in for a repair estimate or if the $900 are already the estimate and you are not willing to spend it, try to have it checked in a "repair cafe" (if you have something like this in you area). If you have nothing like this, you could try to sell it "as broken" on eBay, chances are good you will get about 60%..70% of the price of a used working unit when selling your broken one.


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