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Hi there, 

2 weeks ago the RX3 Crashed in Standalone Mode 5 Times on a gig. After the Update it did not happen  last  weekend.

Now Rekordbox does not show the waveform, hotcues and mytags of 10% of my tracks After exporting to Usb. I have one USB in  fat32 and one in ext Journaled. Both Show the same Problem. RB is 6.6.3, my MacBook i7 16Ram, Monterey 12.2.1. My RX3 1.11 

When I Click Browse on the RX3 and then on the left side: Album, Tracks, keys, etc. its not clicking right, when I Go to Color and then Up to Artist again, it keeps  jumping back to Albums. Is this something you can fix with an Update, or does my Unit have a Problem?

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