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I own a plx 500 for home use, and I use an ortofon MKII club. I also have a 3mm slipmat acrylic. (I shall talk about the anti skate after)

The VTA (vertical tracking angle) is never parallel. Even on zero height, the end of the tone arm appears to be higher and this is causing sibilance, you know hissing of the S's. This is also the case using the stock cartridge with the vta at zero as stated in the manual. The only way I have been able to eradicate the hissing is to place my old 3mm cork mat under the acrylic one, which makes it 6mm, only then does the arm appear to be parallel to the vinyl.

I don't know if this is bad for the vinyl or styli. Any advice?

Right, onto the anti skate. ortofon cartridge 3g anti skate at 3g. I did a test using a one sided vinyl. Placed the stylus centre on the non grooved side, stylus moved outwards indicating that the tracking was not right, as it should remain in place when the anti skate is correct. Move the anti skate down to 2 repeated and the stylus remained stationary.

I watched a video from hudson hifi regarding anti skate using their own acrylic slip mat. I repeated the process again with anti skate at 2, again it move out wards. At 1-1.5 anti skate the stylus remained stationary on the acrylic slip mate.

So, now I am confused as to what my anti skate should be. My main concern is the VTA.

Can someone advice please?



Leo Farrell

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